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Let your passion shine now! Teach with us!

We are looking for you! If you have something worth of teach others online, this is an opportunity for you. We are giving you an opportunity to let your light shine. 

We’ll give you technical guidance on our to deliver your content to meet our standards.

Earn passive income! For each person that signs up for your course, you will get your commision.

How to become a teacher

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Teach with us in four simple steps:
Step 1 - Apply as Instructor
Submit an application as Instructor at Shumba Training Centre Limited right on this page.
Step 2 - Plan you curriculum.
This step involves you setting up the curriculum of your course and arrange for all the necessary materials.
Step 3 - Record your lecture videos
Our team is ready to guide you in the video recording process to ensure that your videos meet our standards.
Step 4 - Launch your course(s)
This is the final step. Launch your course(s) and begin making sales on our platform.
1. Your videos must be of high quality, at least 720 pixels.
2. Upload them on your YouTube channel (if they are not STCL branded), otherwise, they will be hosted on our YouTube Channel.
3. You will be paid 40% of your course sales if we do the marketing. If you do the marketing, you will be paid 60%.
You are free to decide which course to teach. Follow your passion.
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